Peg at Barn DancePeg Willis: I am a Suzuki violin teacher who also teaches old time fiddling, guitar and bass to children.

This site is intended as a support and source of information for students and parents.
Here’s what you’ll find in each section:

Parent Support – This is where you look when you begin to get that feeling of panic. You know the feeling – the kid is doing his best, but it still sounds awful and you suspect the instrument is out of tune, or (gasp!) he dropped the instrument and something’s not right, or you suspect he’s holding something wrong and you don’t want to practice it wrong for a whole week. This section is designed especially for the new parents (the ones most likely to panic). You’ll find links here for instrument maintenance, position, tuning help and additional resources.

Suzuki Violin – This is a “nutshell” description of the Suzuki Method of music instruction. This will help you understand how the Suzuki Method differs from traditional music instruction and give you a better idea of your role as a parent in the “teaching triangle” – student, parent and teacher.

Fiddling – This section serves as an introduction to old time fiddling. You can learn how fiddling differs from violin playing. You’ll also find information about fiddling venues, contests, and beginning music theory here. And as a bonus . . . “The Ten Commandments of Jamming.”

Instruction – If you are interested in music lessons for your child, this is a good place to start. These pages on readiness, teaching philosophy and expectations should be helpful to both parents and teachers.