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Maintaining a violin (or fiddle, if you prefer) is no big deal, really. These things are not difficult, but they are important. Here are a few suggestions (RULES!):


  • Make absolutely sure your case is fastened (latched, zipped, whatever) before you pick it up.
  • Wipe your instrument off with a soft cloth to remove rosin and dust each time you finish playing.
  • Always loosen the bow before putting it away.
  • Keep your instrument in a special, safe place at home.


  • Do NOT touch the bow hair.
  • Do NOT let anyone else “try out” your instrument. It is not a toy and should not be shared with others.
  • Do NOT tighten the bow too tight. It will pull apart!
  • Do NOT use cleaning agents or furniture polish on your instrument.
  • Do NOT leave your instrument in a car when the temperature is above 75 or below 50. This can cause your instrument to get out of tune at the very least – and can possibly cause it to break apart at the seams.
  • Do NOT try to repair the instrument if you don’t know how. Never use wood glue on a violin.


If you are faithful in following these guidelines, things should go along pretty smoothly. Once in a while however, something goes wrong. Usually this is not cause for panic. Here’s a bit of information that may help you to feel more comfortable in taking care of your instrument. If you are one of those people who is totally intimidated by this sort of thing, that’s Okay. But for the brave souls – check out the links for some guidelines that may help you.