These photos may help parents of beginners during those first few scary weeks of practicing at home.

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“Adult” bow hold

Fingers moved out of the way
to reveal thumb position

The thumb is bent so that only the thumb nail and the knuckle are showing from the observer’s point of view. The tip of the thumb touches the rounded edge of the frog, the stick and the leather wrap.The position of the thumb is THE most important thing about holding the violin or bow!!

Karen demonstrates the “beginner’s” bow hold.
Her thumb is bent with the tip of the thumb
holding “the silver thing” on the frog.

Bryan holds his violin in playing position.

  • It is high on his shoulder and pointing away from his body at an angle (neither forward nor straight out to the side).
  • His jaw – not the tip of his chin – is in the chin rest.
  • His left wrist is straight and there’s only a bit of thumb showing above the neck of the instrument.
  • His left elbow is under the instrument and a bit forward.
  • The scroll is as high as his neck.
  • Using a correct bowhold, his right wrist will be flat or slightly raised on top – never bent back.